You've got a friend in me

Friends. Friends. Friends.

What would this world be without friends speaking into our daily lives? I have all types of friends. I have old friends that I am bound to by years of life together, mostly before the here and now, but it is a tie that cannot be broken. We easily pick back up right where we last left off, even if it was years ago.

New friends are fun. They are like the new outfit you found that you really like, to me they make me feel alive and experience a part of me that I normally would not see. Unfortunately for me new friends are hard for me to keep. I hate that, but it seems life right now does not allow the energy it takes to maintain those growing relationships, but they are fun!

Bedrock friends are those I just want to cry about. You know the kind of friends that are there when your world falls apart, everytime your world falls apart they are there with exactly what you need at exactly the moment you thougth you would go under.

This past week I experienced my Mommy Mentor friend. Maybe she does not know she is that to me, but she is. She has three of the most beautiful almost fully grown children in the world. They all love God, open doors for the ladies, give of their time to those who need help, respect their Mom and Dad and well I just can't help feeling that she did something right obviously and so I try to get into her Mommy brain every chance I get. I hope this does not annoy her. There are so many things I struggle with as a Mom. Am I too hard on my kids or are they getting away with too much. Am I doing OK? Unfortunately most of the time you don't know if you are a good parent until the kids are grown, which could be too late! I pick her brain about maintaining a marriage and kids, all sorts of things about kids and just in general, "how did you do it!!!"

I love this Mommy Mentor friend and am so thankful she is in my life. This past week I chatted with her about my boys love of all things cowboy including guns. They do not have toy guns, but they do have sticks and legos and no matter what I take away from them they turn something else into a firearm. I asked her about this and she told me this funny story:

Her youngest loved guns and she told him under no circumstances was he to shoot people (this is our house rule too that gets violated way too often). Well, one day they took some things to their pastor in his office and when the pastor came through the door her son pulled his finger out of his pocket and "shot" the pastor. My friend was horrified, her son has SHOT the pastor! The pastor grabbed at his chest with both hands and fell to the ground saying "you got me". My friend immediately begged forgiveness from the pastor explaining that her son knew better, they did not allow this behavior etc. The pastor calmly looked at my friend and said "Boys will always be boys". And so, I took it that this story was her advice to me. That no matter what or how many times I say something boys will be boys, and just might "shoot" the preacher no matter what I do.

Bottom line: Back off mom, boys will be boys, don't sweat the small stuff. Teach them to love God and love others and play cowboys all they want to!

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