A daughter friend

I supposed God smiled on us going on two years ago when a customer of ours brought her daughter with her to pickup 5 pounds of squash. BY the way we LOVE customers who buy 5 pounds of squash at one time! haha! Her name was Kelley then---with an E. We now mostly call her Kels.

To me she is the perfect combination of a daughter and a friend. Perfect in the daughter sense that I truly care about her, but have not had to expend any parental energy raising her to be the lady she is today. I suppose this is what being a grandparent is like? Kels likes all the foods I like, which means when she is working I can fix things I want to eat and know that someone else in the house will enjoy them with me. I am talking about vegetables here, crunchy things like nuts and watery things like soup that I am finding the male species, familia Vaughn do not care for.

And then there is the friend side, which seems to make more sense because for her to truly be my daughter I would have given birth at 12 and for me that would have been impossible! So, friend it is. What a blessing that girl is to me. She listens and likes to talk about girly things and dirt and plants and the general state of the world. So many things inside of me can easily be communicated to her and by the end of our workday I feel lighter, perhaps tired that we have worked hard, but light of heart and spirit. I laugh with her, rejoice for the good things in her life and pray about the not so good. I suppose this is what happens when you ride out a tornado in a bathtub with someone--permanent bonding. Whatever you call it, I count it as a gift from God that she is my friend.

Thank you Kels for being my friend!

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