The beautiful side

There are moments in life when it is totally apparent why you do the not so beautiful things. Those moments occur when the beautiful makes itself so apparent that you cannot help but just stand back in admiration. Such events tend to happen most of the time during the spring on the farm. This past week beautiful baby lambs have been birthed on the farm some coming out in all patterns of color much to my delight (and some totally and completely solid white much to Jim's delight). These lambs are always one of the highlights of the year for me. It is one of the "unexplainables" in my life. I have not always loved sheep, they have not always been my favorite animal, they are not always my favorite thing to care for except this time of year in the spring when they are so heavy with lambs and caring for their wee ones. Once upon a time I think God smacked me with compassion for the sheep. One day when walking through the sheep I found an older, very heavy with lambs ewe lying on her back, feet straight up in the air. I laughed. Immediately I regretted my laughter because at the time I still had about three more months to go in my gestation with my first baby and could totally picture myself lying on the ground unable to get up and someone laughing at me. From that moment on I bonded with the sheep and have learned so much from them about giving birth and parenting. Indeed they are beautiful and it is such a beautiful gift to have little lambs born right after a long hard winter. Such a pretty and welcome sight. This is the beautiful side of farming, there is plenty of others that are not so great, but the beautiful ones make all the other stuff worth it.

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