The Roosters in Life

What is it about roosters? My Aunt Sarah has been terrified of them for years (well, she is not fond of any type of fowl!), I have heard countless stories about roosters, their bad attitudes and fried chicken. We are now the proud owners of a rooster for the first time since the beginning of our poultry enterprise. He is big, beautiful and obviously was brought up by some very lovely chicken family for he is most well behaved.

I read a funny story by a lady going through the unimaginable. Bless her heart, she had had a rough day dealing with her husbands stage 4 cancer, and the upcoming surgery for a tumor in her little girl, when a rooster had to go and make her day even worse by chasing her and inflicting bruises, but at least she could laugh about it later. She is amazing to me. I am not sure how God put her into my life, but I am sure glad He did because everyday she makes ME a better person. She gets ME out of my funk of thinking my life is so hard. She urges me with every email to enjoy today for what it is, because tomorrow, well you never know what that day might bring. She often says that she wants to wake up in yesterday land where there was no mention of cancer or tumors, chemo or surgery.

How many people do I know like that? Too many. Too many lives are altered permanently, tomorrow. Too many todays go unnoticed and unappreciated until tomorrow is here and we just want yesterday back.

Join with me and learn from those around us. Make today count. Don't let the roosters in life scare you from living today, from enjoying the moment. Don't miss out on life today. Tomorrow will get here soon enough, but you can never get today back. Live with no regrets and pray constantly.

I love you all

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