It is not easy

So folks ask me "how do you do what you do". "I mean like, how do you get it all done?"
So here is the secret. It does not get all done. Please do not tell anyone, especially that part of me that LOVES for the To-do list to be completely clean at the end of the day.

I have about 7-8 clothes baskets that I use on a regular basis around the house. Most of them really are just receptacles that hold my clean clothes until a time when I can actually put clothing away. Most of the time, especialy in the summer, we tend to wear things out of the baskets because our drawers are empty. This is NOT the way my momma raised me. Don't tell her either. OK nevermind, she knows me well enough and has been around here enough to know this is the way it works in the Vaughn house between March and November. Yes you read that correctly, three months out of the year my kids think the clothing fairy is alive and well and deposits folded clothing into their rooms. The rest of the time I guess she is on strike eating chocolate in Hawaii. When I retire I want to be a clothing fairy.

Truth is laundry is only the tip of the iceberg around here for what does not get completed up to "standard". But we are all happy and well fed and clean and well it seems to work for us. And when I look around at all the undone I just have to pray and feel the peace that comes with my disheveled household because running to look at a cool shiny spider, cooking meals to share, racing the boys to the hoophouses (I can still win by the way--haha) and just having a chance to read a book and recenter myself gets our family way further down the line than folded laundry.

I love you all,

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