So how do you achieve balance? I have no idea. I fell off the balance beam taking gymnastics at the Y when I was about 7 or 8 and that was the end of my career with balance.

Still at age, ummm 29, I have not mastered the art of balance, but this time I mean life balance. It is so hard to know what to do next. Should I spend more time with the boys or do the dishes? Should I clean house or weed the strawberries. It seems like the To-Do list is never done and I am constantly weighing out the long term benefits of my current decision.

I want to be that mom that chucks it all and is wreckless with the kids having a wild fun time. Occasionally I am and it is amazing, but most of the time I know the pressure that comes from not taking care of the things that drive me crazy and make my life feel even more out of whack like a sink full of dishes, huge piles of unfolded laundry and a terribly messy kitchen floor (the 5 second rule went out of effect in our house shortly after Dylem was born!)

So what do I do when it all seems so chaotic? I cast my cares on Him, ask for clarity, take deep breaths because Jim tells me to, and then I make another TO DO list!

Have a great week and remember that "The Lord is with me, He is my helper" Psalms 118:7


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