The little red ones will get you!

So this week my youngest (almost 3) found out what prickly pears are in a first person kind of way. He was playing around out in a field and thought he was being careful to avoid the big white stickers on the prickly pear plant. Little did he know the white ones will rarely if ever hurt you. It is the tiny red stickers that really get into and under your skin and hurt hurt hurt!

I have used the tweezers, needles and chammomile so many times I am seriously thinking about just making up a SPLINTER RESCUE PACK and keeping it across the road so we don't have to come trotting home each time one of the boys gets something in their hand.

I have to admit that explaining about a bizillion, million dozen times why it was the red ones not the white ones that you have becareful of to my boys made the concept actually stick in mind.

It really is the little things in this world that can get you worse than the big whoppers. I have to watch out much more for the harsh words, unkind thoughts and unlistening ears much more than I have to watch out for myself being tempted to steal or something like that.

This past week, once again I committed a crime just as bad as stealing when I spoke harshly to Dylem after a long day. And what was it over? Him almost smushing a tray of fresh picked strawberries. Was it worth it? Absolutely not. It just kills me to see the big boy inside of him try to cover up the hurt I inflict with my quick harsh words. He didn't tell a lie (big white sticker) he was just being a boy and made a mistake and I rewarded him with a heartful of little red painful stickers. I got painful stickers inside my heart in return.

The only positive side to this is that my sons get to see their mother ask for forgiveness to them and to God quite often and hopefully in some way it will help them down the road.

So today I am more aware of the little red stickers that I can inflict in some unsupecting lives around me and hopefully I won't get under anyone's skin!

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