Two boys and a dog

There are three guys on this farm that are inseperable these days: JoJo the dog, Dylem and Caleb. These three go on all kinds of romps and adventures all over the farm.

This past week has been hard to keep the boys out of the water puddles, streams and ponds. It seems water is everywhere and well, you know the saying about little boys and water! Only trouble is that when the boys get wet, then they want to get dry again and that means a constant supply of clothing and the time to change them (when I am supposed to be working!).

We were harvesting at the hoophouses this past week when Jim went to check on the boys. He asked if they were doing OK. They said yes, that they were "just giving JoJo a bath".

Oh boy! There is no way this can turn out dry! And it didn't!

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