When it rains it pours

This past week my step-father's Mom passed away, a very short four months after her husband passed earlier this year. This same family faces another loved one battling a vicious form of cancer.

Hank Delvin who was in a very serious truck accident last year had so much of his crop destroyed during the recent floods. He of course is bouncing back in classic Delvin style, but is also facing three more surgeries this year to correct his hip and knee.

An Amish family who moved from their family in order to learn, worship and serve God more fully lost absolutely everything right down to the horses they farm with in the recent flooding.

A friend of mine whose home was extremely damaged tries to rebuild their lives and put their family back together all the while struggling with the agencies that are supposed to help them.

When it rains it pours and the soul can get very drippy. What is required of us at these times? A patient endurance. A trust that we do not move and live and breathe on our own in this big world. We serve a God who is always working for our good on our behalf EVEN when we cannot see this or feel this. God asks us to NOT STOP trusting Him. There is something better and brighter in our future if we will completely trust Him and give our lives to serving Him and helping others while we are here on Earth.

So when it rains and pours and you feel all drippy and grey just remember that God sees those tears. He knows what you are going through and He wants to carry you. He has never stopped loving you, don't stop trusting Him.

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