The pregnant farmer

Time is flying by this summer and our busy season is well underway. We are attending markets and open on the farm and have all sorts of chores and summer farming activities that keep us busy and make our schedules even more full. Thankfully I have been able to drop an activity from my schedule, the "Fit Mama" DVD workouts I had been doing this winter and spring.

I figure picking cucumbers and tomatoes on all fours counts as pelvic tilt excercises and goodness knows I get plenty of miles in walking around the farm and keeping up with a three year old! Squatting exercises are done while gathering eggs from our wayward hens who refuse to use the nestboxes! It is kind of funny to see how many different ways a pregnant farmer can come up with to complete a common chore!

Once when I was early pregnant with Dylem one of our ewe sheep who was very heavily pregnant got stuck on her back and could not roll over to get up. I laughed at the sight and then quickly took it back thinking...that could be me in a few more months haha!

One thing for the end of the day this pregnant farmer is very thankful for her hardworking husband, her three year old who likes to help and the three young employees we have helping out on harvest day this year!

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