Garlic Everywhere

What do you get when you plant 100 pounds of seed garlic? Garlic in every possible well ventilated location on the farm! In all honesty, we intended to save some of this garlic for seed garlic instead of having to order seed garlic from our farmer friend in NY, but the weather has not been ideal and this just doesn't seem like the garlic harvest we want to base all future genetic garlic on.

This week we pulled garlic out of the yard, from the old hoophouse ground, from behind the new hoophouses simply becuase once the first stalk seemed ready to harvest within days ALL of it needed to get out of the ground, so the girls and I pulled and pulled and stacked and sorted and well let's just say we have no fear of vampires bothering the three of us anytime soon!

The beautiful side of garlic growing is that the actual handworking portion can be done over time and in the shade. Some of my favorite farm memories and experiences involves working garlic under the big Black Walnut in the yard with all of our youthful helpers, just talking, wrapping up days where we have all worked hard, but feel good about what has been accomplished, of course popsicles make those memories better too!

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