Funny things on the farm

Some of this may only be funny if you are sweating so much that if you were to pee your pants no one could tell, so bare with us for this week's big laughs!

So at lunch it was mentioned by someone that they had been cow-kicked by a horse. One of our quick witted guys popped up and said, well I've been sheep kicked by a dog!

One day this week we had to chop out (aka hoe) a few rows of okra and beans in the "secret garden" (aka very long rows). When all was said and done Jim looked at me dripping with sweat, burning up (and I think it was only 10am or so) and told me I was his Hot little HOE girl...yeah, farm humor huh? By the way was that a compliment?

We had a table full of tomatoes this past week at the market and a table full of customers eagerly wanting to purchase them. Jim said he had a sweet lady wanting to buy radishes, but she kept having tomatoes shoved ahead of her. He finally made it a point to wait on her and thanked her for her patience. He told her "we love our radish customers too, they are just not as pushy as tomato customers".

At this very same market a man wanting to buy kale had to use it to flag me away from the tomato folks. "Ah-ha" I said, "yet another use for kale"

Have a super week!

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