I have no response to that

This is the time of the year when my oldest son makes fun of me. I am tired and my brain seems to give its self time off without consulting with the rest of me. He will ask me something and I will tell him that I will and then I forget. Later on he will remind me, usually in some improper 6 year old language way that makes me not like him very much until I realize it is true. I really am forgetful. I forgot to send Father's Day cards, I forgot to turn off the irrigation in the greenhouse (all night long!), I forget to get snacks when I promise I will. I don't mean to do these things. I am just a bit fuzzy. It is July, we are very busy and honestly sometimes my brain sends off this warning sign that if it is asked to attend to one more thing some memory may be lost, permanently. I don't even have the trash can function like my computer does. Fortunately there is this thing called sleep that restores my memory function, allows me to focus clearly and restore my good name for a few hours at least!

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