only two and a half hours to Mentone

OK so I am reluctant to even mention the name of the city, but Jim keeps this place on my mind, so I am going to talk about it! Mentone, AL is one of the loveliest places I have ever been. It is on Lookout Mountain and there is this place called DeSoto Falls that is just the perfect little wading spot. So this past week has been a doozy and hopefully will not be repeated again this summer and all I have heard from Jim is that I could be in Mentone in 2.5 hours. Well, I think I am just going to take him up on that! Mentally I take little trips to Mentone in my mind while picking beans. It helps to get my mind off my back. It also helps to mentally cool yourself down working in the hot sun. I told Kels this past week that you know you are sweating profusely when not just one, but flocks of butterflies and moths come to your shirt for a drink of water (can I call it water?) while you are picking beans! It has been hot, this week has been rough and it is only 2.5 hours to Mentone and only 1 more month before I can think about making that trip a reality!

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