Push Back

I talk to a lot of people during the week being a market farmer. It is absolutely amazing how many different people, attitudes and accents exist here in Middle Tennessee and I love them all. The ones I come to respect the most are those who I know are struggling, but still have a kind word, a smile to share even though you know what is going on inside them is gut wrenching. These are the people I lean in a bit closer to when they talk. These are the people I want to surround myself with to help me see the BIG picture. Life for them is about JOY, not happiness. It is about NOW, THIS moment, not next year. I wish I could say that every person I know like this gets their strength from God, where I get mine, but I cannot. The only thing I can say that they all have in common is the intense desire to PUSH BACK.

I define "pushing back" as: not accepting life as it comes, refusing to give in to things contrary to your will, being totally against the idea that something besides yourself dictates your outlook on life. Pushing back is not easy, you have to overcome gravity and inertia and a million other invisible forces of life, but it is do-able. This year's motto for our church is I WILL NOT STOP. That is pushing back. No matter what comes my way I will not stop trusting God, pursuing God, pushing back against the things that come my way that are not from God.

I have watched a handful of people take on the unimaginable in life. They were handed slop, bad luck, wrong place at the wrong time etc and all of them have pushed it back and continue to push back the negative in life and live overflowing abundant lives that bless those around them.

I thank God for those special people in my life who remind me time and time again to count my blessings, stay strong, bless others and keep on pushing back.

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