Locust and Rain

This past week we had a visitor on the farm taking some photos. Your mind really has time on its hands when you are picking cherry tomatoes, so we somehow got on the topic of recent unbelievable news. "Have you heard about that dam in Iowa??", "No, but did you hear about the giant hail in North Dakota?" Story after story we filled each other in on the unbelievable things that are going on every single day here on earth. Day in and day out I am amazed by the headlines. I try to put myself in the place of those going through the Great Depression or the Dust Bowl. Did they think the sky was falling and the end of humankind was at hand?

One of our grasshoppers from the farm hitched a ride to the market via a box of eggplant. It hopped off the box and onto the pavement at the Factory this morning and I walked over and semi-smooshed him. Another vendor arrived in a few minutes and was very concerned about the "giant locust". I didn't say that it was mine (I brought it here!). I just listened to what she had to say and wondered if she were on our farm at this point in the season if she would think there was a plague? We have LOTS of grasshoppers and they are big too, but it is all the big circle of life that I have come to appreciate and if not, at least tolerate!

The only thing that helps me with the unbelievable stories and giant locusts in life is to read God's word. Well that and Jim telling me not to take the dam breaking personally (yes, I tend to think I can do something, rather SHOULD do something about everything that happens in life).

We have needed rain on the farm for weeks now. I have been praying for rain, I have praised God in advance of the rain that I know He COULD send but rain has not come. In years past I would have harrumphed and TOLD GOD that I prayed and it didn't work and I just didn't get it how this God thing was supposed to work. I prayed and He could and should send rain but He didn't and what am I supposed to do with that?

However much humbleness and growing up on my part has taken place in the last 18 months. I have fallen in love with God. He is my best friend. He is not a genie. He is so much more, completely stable and able to be trusted. I have continued to pray for rain. Praising God for knowing what we need and when we need it and praising Him that He is fully capable of bringing rain to the farm, but also knowing that if He did not today, He will because He delights in bringing good things to those who trust Him.

This is what God's word does for me. It enables me to have better conversations with God. I can repeat scripture and give examples of his faithfulness which builds my faith. I am encouraged by those I read about who trusted God with so much more than just rain and know by their example that I too can trust God with ANYTHING that comes my way in life.

p.s. It rained a bit this morning, for which I am very grateful!

"Listen to my pleading, Lord. Be mericiful and send the help I need. My heart has heard YOU say "come and talk with me, O my people" And my heart responds, "Lord, I am coming" Psalms 27:8

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