This past week we were blessed to receive over an inch of rain as a storm system moved across our area.

That morning we took our last set of beef calves for 2007 to the processor, which was one load off of our minds and pastures. Just as we were pulling into our driveway it started to rain. It was such a peaceful feeling seeing the dark clouds and just knowing in your gut that perhaps it was going to rain for a while. We stood on the porch and watched it and opened windows so we could still watch it while we were inside for a bit.

The funny thing about rain is that it is sort of like a farmer's permission slip to take it down a notch. If it is pretty and sunny outside you feel like you need to keep going, for there are always things that need doing. When it rains however, you feel like you have been given a break...a time to play a bit more with your little boy, read an extra book, catch up on paperwork that needs your attention and most importantly lie down and close your eyes for a bit...saying a prayer of thankfulness for the rain and the slower pace for a few hours.

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