Be thankful for what you got!

Being thankful for what you have in your hand right now is a hard concept, but I am trying with all my might to grasp it.

I feel like I need to grasp it. It would be a lovely thing for my husband to see that I am happy with him, who he is right now no matter the circumstances.

It would be a beautiful thing to cultivate an attitude with my boys that lets them know I love them and am happy with them no matter what. Truly this is how I feel about them, but do I show them that in my face and everyday life with them?

My Mom and Step-Father have been married for thirty years this week. I guarantee you that they only got to 30 years by being thankful for what they had and sometimes that was just each other and not much else. Sometimes they probably didn't want each other even, but that was what they had and they decided to make the best of it. Thirty years is a HUGE accomplishment and milestone and I am so proud of them. Even more so now that I know what it takes to make a marriage work.

Happy Anniversary you guys! Thanks for being thankful for each other. I am thankful for you both!

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