Is it illegal?

Actually if I were to write it as it is pronounced it would be: Is it Iw-wegal?
Somehow the boys I suppose being SO into cowboys and such are now into questioning their mother about whether or not everything in the universe is illegal.

You know things like, Mom is it illegal to not eat all of your greenbeans? Nope, but it will keep you out of the dessert district!

It doesn't help that the Highway Patrol has a very catchy song about how they are gonna get you in all the cities around Tennessee. This has prompted LOTS of questions about why they would be wanting to get you and alcohol and speed limits and "Mom, how fast are you going right now?" These are the things I had hoped to put off talking about for a while longer. Especially the one about how fast I was going!

So things are pretty tight and in shape around here right now. Everyone is on the up and up, not wanting to be ILLEGAL!

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