An office on hold and a word from Washington

Well, last time I blogged about our new office space. Scratch that! Bless his heart, the man that was going to help us make that happen broke his leg a few days before he was scheduled to get started. We hope he makes a full recovery and soon! It has been good for me because I have realized how much STUFF we have that we don't ever reach for. Hopefully the Vaughns will come out of this cleanup a little lighter and the folks at Goodwill a bit more blessed.

Amazingly history is Dylem's favorite subject. So far this year we have discovered America and now we are fighting for her Independence. How to make history interesting for boys? Talk about the weapons they used and fighting and such. They actually play the British and the Minute Men in the bathtub at night. A game they came up with all on their own which somehow always ends with lots of water on the floor, but what else would I expect from a full on battle right?

RELEARNING American history has really touched me the past few weeks. About a year ago our current President said that the United States was "no longer a Christian Nation". Many folks say that our nation was not founded on Christian principles. I am not sure what history they are reading because the one we are studying clearly points out how our forefathers and leaders drew their strength from God, prayed before battle, asked God for wisdom and honestly I have no idea how a few good farm boys beat the mighty trained British army except that they had FAITH.

My favorite part of the battle so far is Washington crossing the Delaware, which proved to be the turning point in the war. There is a very good childrens book written by Dick Cheney's wife. I am going to post and excerpt of it here:
General Washington and his men had stood with their country in a time of crisis. When they were cold and hungry they did not quit. When the conflict was hard, they fought on. And when they won, the victory was sweet. Many a battle lay ahead, but now Americans could think of winning their war for independence. Now they could imagine that their great struggle would have a glorious end.

How many times has America gone through this same scenerio? How many times has the outcome turned positive when we have humbled ourselves and pulled together?
I draw strength from General Washington even today and I am thankful for him and every other brave man and woman who has laid down their lives, given their time and mental efforts and perhaps most importantly prayed for the United States of America.

Lots of folks are hurting right now and things are not as good as I once remember them being. Sometimes I am not proud of the United States and what other nations think of our actions, BUT I for one will join Washington and I will not quit being an American, I will not stop when the conflicts in life are hard. I will fight on and do everything in my power, the power Washington fought for, to keep the United States of America strong and secure for my two little Minute Men.

In GOD we trust.

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