Learning from Mary

I love reading the Christmas story...all of it from the beginnings of John the Baptist, the twists and turns. Our pastor encouraged us this week to see how Satan tried to stop the birth and life of Jesus and it is so plain. It took everyone who was called to play their part fully trusting and believing.

This morning I read where Mary said "How can this be?" and the angel said " For with God nothing will be impossible". I love that it says WILL be and later on in the Bible it says nothing IS impossible. That means that Jesus made all the difference, until he came it was future tense.

I love that Mary believed whole heartedly even when it hurt to hear what others had to say about her. She loved God and loved the baby inside her. I love that Elizabeth affirms her when she greets her and says "Blessed is she who believed, for their will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her of the Lord." Basically Elizabeth was saying: "bless you girl, for you have been asked to walk a hard road by faith and you choose to believe that there is something amazing at the end of it". Oh and was there ever something amazing at the end of it--Jesus!

Each of us have our own hard roads, they come to everyone. These days I am trying to be more like Mary and choose to believe that there is something good for me at the end of them. For God well knows how to deliver HIS people.

May we have the confidence to believe God for each of our needs today, knowing that God will fulfill them, because nothing is impossible with God.

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