Mouse House

It has been six years ago since a mouse last set foot in my house. They used to be a regular sight, usually stopping by when we had friends over for dinner. It was like they were checking in saying, "glad you could stop by--we like eating here too!" Then we declared war, we put many, many tubes of caulk, bags of steel wool and other sealant materials into our house and for a long time had won the war--until this winter!

Last week we saw three mice in the house, enough to terrorize our 3 year old and cause him to have bad dreams. It was once again time to declare war! So we did and thankfully we were able to find their point of entry and erradicate it.

Then the mice decided to counter-attack. Never in our history of farming have we had this happen before. It is like Wild Kingdom coming to your back door! Mice in the greenhouse, stealing seed out of the flats we planted and covered with dirt. Really? Nothing like $7.00 worth of pure, organic, broccoli seed gone in one night to really make a farmer mad! Once again we declared war and once again we were successful in our mission.

I know, I know, and I promise I am not getting overly proud. Somewhere on this farm the mice are winning the war in a big way, but as long as I don't have to see that, or see the results of that--we can live in peace!

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