Normally farms have an overabundance of cats. At times that could be said of our farm, but then they discovered the road and my cat of many years "Trouble" went off to the wild, like cats do when they come to the end of their lives.

So we were cat-less. I decided I was going to ask for a cat for my birthday. I didn't tell anyone until Dylem suggested that we needed a cat to help with our mice this winter. I told him I was going to ask for one for my birthday.

My birthday is in May, but we already have a cat. His name is Mo. He looks just like "Trouble" except he has blue eyes instead of green. And he does not like to be picked up at all--ever--never--don't even think about it-OK?

He was a rescue kitty and we are happy to be able to give him a good home. He sleeps in the hay manger, prowls around the barn loft and eats lots of cat food. He is a growing kitty after all! He is very loving in his own "cat" way. You know, if it is his idea to come "pet" you.

The boys love him. I fuss at Mo sometimes because he paws at Dylem. Dylem told me last night that he does not care if Mo paws him and he knows how to handle it if he hurts him, so would I please not be mean to Mo. OK, I guess now that he is 6 I can stop fighting his battles for him!

Right now, Mo is learning a lesson in sharing. A ewe with four lambs is right next to "his" hay manger, eating out of "his" hay manger and everytime he tries to go to bed the momma ewe runs him off afraid he is trying to get to her babies. He just wants a nap not a snack!

So Mo, is officially a part of our family, a reason to look forward to going to the barn again, a little trooper to make the farm rounds with us and another opportunity for our boys to learn to love something beyond themselves.

We love you Mo.

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