The new wears off

There is a group of girls who sing at the Franklin Farmers Market sometimes on any given Saturday called High Road. We purchased their CD sometime back and well we all have our favorites! Officially we like 1, 3 and 10. The names of those would be 1. Big Love in a Small Town, 3. After the Roses Fade 10. Red Beans and Rice.

Now that i have your curiosity up here is what the songs are about!
Big Love is about raising beans and babies and living out in the country. Wonder why we like that one?

10 is the boys favorite, Red Beans and Rice. It is a Cajun number with lots of fiddle to keep the boys happy.

3, After the Roses Fade is quickly becoming my favorite. It begins by talking about an old corsage in her grandmother's cookbook that she has kept from 1958. The chorus of the song is wonderful.

Cause the new wears off
Time moves on
and everything in life is bound to change, BUT
if you are lucky in love, LOVE
stays the same
after the roses fade.

That is my hope, that my love stays the same, years from now when I am old and faded.

much love to each of you!

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