D day on the farm

Pregnant farmers are just like all other pregnant ladies except for one thing...they tend to "nest" outside on the farm instead of inside the home where it counts! July 3rd started like all other days on the farm. Dylem and I woke up early and began to do chores...except this morning along with the rhythmic pulsator of the milking machine my body was pulsating with an energy of its own. Hmmm the pregnant farmer thought 10 minutes apart...ok no biggie. Dylem and I finish up chores and it being a Tuesday head down to the hoophouses to begin our early week harvesting of cukes and such. On my knees as only a pregnant farmer can I began to pick the cucumbers. Hmmm the pregnant farmer thought 5 minutes apart. I was almost finished with the row and really wanted to complete it...hmmm 3 minutes apart...OK Lord the pregnant farmer prayed, "If I am an idiot for worrying about these cukes when i am about to have a baby please send a really good contraction and I will head to the house". Three minutes later, I heard the Lord loud and clear as Dylem and I headed to the house to straighten up and pack our bags...of course we washed and packed the cukes first!

Caleb James Vaughn was born later on July 3rd!

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