Loving Life

So do you love your life? Seriously, I have to admit that I have not loved mine until recently. I have enjoyed it at times, struggled against it a whole lot and spent way too much time comparing my life to others to ever be happy with the life I have been given.

A series of events in my life prompted me to examine just WHY I was not content. Our pastor spoke to us about cleaning toilets for Jesus, or changing diapers for the kingdom, or cooking for God. His point was this: everything, EVERYTHING, everything we do "can" be done for the glory of God. OR NOT. It is our choice. For the longest time I had a hard time choosing correctly.

Everyday is not perfect, I still struggle against somethings I should happily accept, but I am a work in progress and that is all that matters, that I am working on it.

My kids used to bug me, suck the life out of me, etc. Until things happened in my life that showed me just how incredibly precious life is. What a miracle it is to be blessed with children. How amazing it is that our little critters were once just mere cells and now they run around and get really muddy. For this I am truly thankful in a whole new way!

How do I know when God is trying to tell me something, well actually He seems to need to make it fairly obvious to me. I am sure that says something not so nice about me, but it seems that when He is trying to hammer a point in my head I will hear that point everywhere. I will hear it at church, get emails about it, hear stories on the radio, have folks give me articles on the subject out of the blue until finally it dawns on me that HMMM maybe this is something important: enter LIGHT BULB!

So for me here is what I am supposed to be learning right now. To know God better, to know what He wants me to do in life I have to know HIM and the best way to know HIM is to read His word. Simple huh? This one little thing has transformed my life from one that I struggled against because I wasn't sure it was what HE wanted of me into a very content and happy person who has sensed for a long time that I am right where God wants me, but now I feel like I am right where God wants me.

For me this looks like everyday waking up and reading whatever I can get my eyes on in the Bible before the interruptions begin. Sometimes I can finish a biblical thought from 2000 years ago and some days it is only a verse, then begins the real work that I have been called to. Serve God in ALL that I am asked to do. Love my husband and serve Him above myself, my kids or anyone else I know, and be the absolute best Mom I can be which includes asking for forgiveness in front and from my kids, because above all I am not perfect in my quest to LOVE life!

I hope you are loving life too, in spite of all the turmoil around us.

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