Balance is a good word! That is what we strive for here on the farm "Balance in all things! It is our goal to balance the farm work and our family life, balance the hard physical work with mental work to avoid exhaustion. This is not always possible, but balance truly is our goal. I think we are getting better at it? We used to think we could just work incredibly hard 12 hours a day, all out/full out and that would be our key to success. Then we turned 30 and had to realize things change! Now at our mid 30's we know things really change haha! I love what the Bible says in Psalms (my paraphrase) Do not work from sunup to sundown fearing you will starve to death. God wants HIS loved ones to get their proper rest. When I get overwhelmed I like to think about God reminding me to rest through this verse. Kind of like my mom used to always remind me to make sure I had everything I needed for school. A gentle reminder, one of compassion. I can almost hear Him saying "Please, please don't worry. Please, don't think that you have to push this hard, be this stressed out. I love you and will provide for you. I want you to rest now. Not just physical rest, but rest your mind, your soul in ME"

Thank you Lord for the balance you bring to my life. YOU are my protector, my guardian who loves me enough to remind me to rest.

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