Faith through life

I am doing an online Bible Study with a long time friend (gold friend, for all of you that might remember the Girl Scout song about making new friends, but keeping the is silver and the other gold!)

It is a very simple bible study, meaning we basically just study the same book, same chapters and report in once a week. This is doable for us both 1)because we don't have newborns! and 2)we are two very laid back bible studiers!

This week what seems to be leaping out of the pages for me is this simple statement:
Faith is learned through life

Amazingly simple isn't it? Amazingly hard to carry out? Think about how many times a day you have the choice to trust God, even to ask God "what should I do here?" How many times the outcome in my own life is so much better, so much more perfect in the long run when I choose to invite God into my daily life.

I think this statement is true in both a positive and negative way.

First of all, any time I have EVER stepped out in Faith with God in an area of my life He has answered. Not always in my time frame, not always in a way that I would have chosen, but ALWAYS there is a time when I can look back and say truthfully "God did that for me".

In my life however it is also true that there are times I have felt God nudge me, lead me, ask me to follow Him in some way and I have rationalized all my perfectly good reasons not to do what I felt Him calling me to do. Faith is learned through life when it all falls apart too.

The good news? He forgives my stubborness. The greatest news? He RESTORES my life, restores my desire to walk this life in faith with Him. Each step of faith I take with Him leads me to another, and another until it is only natural to ask Him before the next step.

Thank you Lord for second (fifth,thirteenth, 20th and six hundred seventy-fifth chances!

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