It is not always what you think

Life has a way of surprising us doesn't it? I feel like I am constantly battling what God says about me and what my mind says about me and what others think about me. We tell our boys if you can't say something nice, then just don't speak. How I wish my mind would follow those rules. Often I take what someone says or doesn't say and worry over it in my mind until I have decided that they are mad/disappointed/not happy with me.

Life recently sent my stepfather a letter that he says he wished he had been able to read from his father years ago.

The letter is from his father as he was in boot camp getting ready to serve our country in the Korean War. It was a letter telling his wife that he would miss her and think of her often. It was a letter telling her to take care of his little man (who was probably 2-3 at the time). In this letter he wrote how he had never loved anything as much as he did his little boy. He asked the little boy to be good for his mama and promised he would get back home as soon as he could.

That father did get back from Korea. But somewhere along the lines of time things had changed. The love that was written about in the letter was seldom if ever spoken out loud. The care and concern that was written was seldom shown in practical ways. So the minds of that mother and son were left to wonder. Many years of strained relationships followed. Thankfully both sides were able to stay in touch, but not close as they could have been.

My stepfather (the little boy in the letter) recently said that he wished he had read that letter years ago. Simply put, he had no idea how his father felt about him when he was little, how much concern and care he had in his heart at that time for him. Perhaps if he had known the words in that letter the future would have been different for that father and son. Perhaps?

Life is not always what you think? Others are not always thinking what you think they are thinking. Life is too short to second guess others intentions. We really have only one good option in life. To tell others how much we love them today. It is all we are promised. If we don't say anything today then the only way others will know our hearts might be from letters read many years too late.

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