Lately, when my little boy Caleb who is 4 going hard on 5 falls asleep in the car I find myself staring at his face. It is the only time I can still see my "baby" in there. Then I remember I used to do the exact same thing with his big brother Dylem when he was Caleb's age. Dylem is completely past the point of seeing any "baby" in his face and I am thankful that still I can close my eyes and remember a nose or a cute foot or some wonderful baby body part. Even if I can't really "see" it, my heart remembers and I feel that memory pull me to the past.

Seriously what would we do without memories? Sometimes they make us laugh--out loud even when no one else is around. This happens to me a lot when I am driving the tractor. Good thing the crows, butterflies and ticks don't know I am crazy! Sometimes our memories make us hurt, perhaps shed a tear for something lost. That can be hard, but healing and healing is good.

I for one wouldn't give up my memories for anything. I hope I do a good job cultivating good memories in my kids life, so that one day they will look back on all this hard farm work and think it was at least a little bit enjoyable and a whole lot worth it.

Today is the day we make tomorrow's memories. So get busy. Read that book, plan that something special, memorize that face or those hands, realize that what you do today might be the only thing you have to hold on to tomorrow.


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