We raise Katahdin "hair" sheep at Rocky Glade due to their increased heat tolerance. Our lambs are raised similarly to the beef utilizing rotational grazing, all natural mineral supplements and never any antibiotics or hormones.

2015 Lamb Availability

We will begin taking deposits for whole lambs in August 2015. Lamb will be delivered to the processor in November 2015. To be placed on the 2015 waiting list, please send us an email.

Rocky Glade Katahdin Sheep
We raise Katahdin "hair" sheep that do not have to be shorn. This helps the animal be more comfortable and productive in our warm climate as well as makes them easier to keep. Another benefit of short hair is a lesser amount of lanolin in the skin and coat. Lanolin is sometimes the reason people say that lamb has an "off-flavor". Our Sheep are rotationally grazed, and fed a natural mineral supplement. We never give growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.

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