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Hello Farm Friends,
Love, what a great concept, especially love at first sight and especially love between a girl and a dog…especially when that dog needs a good home. All of this love came together this past week as Kelley, who helps us around the farm decided she would give our lost and found puppy a new home. She has decided to name him Amico, which is Italian for "friend", but she is going to call him "Bud" which I believe is Southern for Amico…haha! Anyway the pair seem to be doing well and it does my heart good that the puppy found such a wonderful companion to take care of him!

This past Saturday on the way to the Farmers' Market I was reminded just how fragile life is when I saw a very bad traffic accident on Hwy 96. The boys and I took the scenic route into Franklin and I was a bit concerned that Jim would be worried about us since we were more late than usual. I stepped out of the car and told him there was a bad accident on Hwy 96, he said I know…"it is Hank". Hank Delvin is who he was talking about…and really around here when you mention local food the next sentence is "do you know the Delvins?"

Hank has been growing good, clean, local food before all of that was cool. He and his wife Cindy have been more than kind to anyone interested in eating and growing local food. Hank is one of those folks that God blessed the earth with when he was born. Hank is kind. Hank is gentle. Hank is a hard, hard worker and Hank loves his family more than words can say. To prove my point, travel back with me to April 11, 2009. The tornado had hit our farm the day before and Hank and Hank Jr. came to see if they could help. The care and concern in their eyes said it all. Hank simply told Jim "tell Julie to come by for plants when you are ready to replant". After losing all that I had ready in the tornado and the frost that followed I was more than grateful to stop by the Delvin farm for whatever transplants they could spare. But "spare" was not what I was given. Hank filled up the back of my truck with the very best he had, suggested I rearrange my truck to get more stuff in, put plants up front and told me to come back and get more if I needed them (of course at absolutely no charge mind you!). He went above and beyond to help us out at a time when I could see very little hope of our summer crops turning out anything like we had planned. Hank's generosity is now being harvested and I cannot pick bell peppers across the road without thinking of him and his kindness. I have already harvested many heads of cabbage, cucumbers, and tomatoes that came from his transplants. Simply put our year emotionally, financially and all things in between would not be what it is right now without the generosity, care and concern of one Hank Delvin.

I thank my God for folks like him and just pray I get to return the favor in the coming months. Please pray for Hank and his family. Hank is stable, but will have a long road of recovery. Like all farmers in July/August their family is tired and still has a long line of work ahead of them…and even though it is not foremost on their minds…I guarantee it is there. Pray that God will give them wisdom, patience and the ability to ask for and receive help…and most of all for God to give Hank a full recovery so he can get back to what he loves…growing great local vegetables for many local families.

On-line Farm Market Will be open this week!
We will be open this Thursday for on farm orders, please visit Farm Market for details. Lots of great summer veggies are now in season and available for on line ordering and pickup on Thursday nights here at the farm!

Franklin Farmers Market
The Franklin Farmers Market is now open on Saturdays at the Factory In Franklin from 8am until 1pm. Rocky Glade Farm will be there in booth number 9 this Saturday!

Murfreesboro/Rutherford County Farmers Market
The Murfreesboro/Rutherford County Farmers Market is open now on Tuesdays and Fridays from 6am (goodness) until 11am. Rocky Glade Farm is only there on Tuesdays this summer, but check out the market…lots of produce in a great new facility! Located off of John Rice Boulevard on Agri-Park Drive in Mboro.

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