Toad-ee needs your help!

Hello Farm Friends,

Lots of critters get lots of attention on the farm, but perhaps none is more illusive than Toad-ee. For the longest time Dylem would enlist Kels to help him look for Toad-ee when he lived in the hoophouses over winter. Some mornings you would go in to harvest lettuce and find Toad-ee right there and the boys would be occupied for hours. We did have to institute a "no Toad-ee chasing policy" after Toad-ee was discovered outdoors around the tornado disheveled "Good Ship" supply wagon. It seems that a sunny April day with two boys making Toad-ee hop on a regular basis was no good for our amphibian friend, he just flipped over on his back and played dead until Mom rescued him to a damp, shady place for some R&R. So Toad-ee has been missing for several months now. We have seen his relatives across the road from time to time, but not Toad-ee (or so we believe). What a welcome sight this past week when we found Toad-ee camped out in the sunflower/strawberry bed. Dylem noted Toad-ee has seen some rough days as one eye has "dried up" as Dylem put it, but Toad-ee is present accounted for and well. I just hope he likes to live amongst the carrots we planted and will help eat some flies around here! For a visual of Toad-ee visit our farm photo page!

On a more serious note,we need your help and so do other local farmers. For some time this winter I kept hearing about HR 2749 which is a food safety bill that was gaining momentum in the House. I kept it on my radar, but largely ignored it thinking there was no way a bill like this would pass without having to add "small farm" language to the bill. I was wrong! Like with most things government it starts out wanting to do good and ends up causing at least some harm. This bill is intended to protect the public safety from E. Coli outbreaks etc in the food system (GOOD), but it goes about it in a uniform way treating all farms big or small the same (BAD). To put it in plain language the under this new Act, the government would recognize Rocky Glade Farm and Dole Corportation or Tyson Foods as comparable entities. Amazingly, this bill passed the House without ANY discussion, no amendments nothing, like most things these days it was "forced" through and now only needs Senate approval to become law. My objection to this bill first and foremost is that it treats all farms the same: corporate, family, small, organic etc. We are all subject to the same enrollment fee of $1000.00 and also subject to the same fines $20,000-50,000. As you can expect this will shut down some small farms immediately simply due to the enrollment fee, but I imagine there will be a long list of what federal inspectors are looking for on farms that will make almost all small farms "red" with impractical compliance measures.

Let me assure you, I want food to be safe and trust me farmers who make their money selling directly to the public want safe food more than anyone. When all of the E.Coli, samonella and other vector outbreaks have occurred in the past few years, Rocky Glade Farm and other local farms have continued to supply their customers with these "banned" foods, because ours are SAFE, we can tell you exactly who handled your food, when it was picked etc. We do not need government, especially unfair government regulations to produce good quality safe food for your family. I would ask you to email, but instead I am asking you to CALL your senators and tell them that you do not support HR 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009. Tell them to vote NO on this Act, or to make sure the Act is fair in preserving small farms before they sign off on this bill. Thank you so much. You all have always come to our rescue and I know we can count on you again! Bob Corker 615-279-8125, Lamar Alexander 615-736-5129

On-line Farm Market Will be open this week!
We will be open this Thursday for on farm orders, please visit Farm Market for details. Lots of great summer veggies are now in season and available for on line ordering and pickup on Thursday nights here at the farm!

Franklin Farmers Market
The Franklin Farmers Market is now open on Saturdays at the Factory In Franklin from 8am until 1pm. Rocky Glade Farm will be there in booth number 9 this Saturday!

Murfreesboro/Rutherford County Farmers Market
The Murfreesboro/Rutherford County Farmers Market is open now on Tuesdays and Fridays from 6am (goodness) until 11am. Rocky Glade Farm is only there on Tuesdays this summer, but check out the market…lots of produce in a great new facility! Located off of John Rice Boulevard on Agri-Park Drive in Mboro.

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Toad-ee, Rippin it out and Construction Begins!
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