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Hello Farm Friends,

Lots and Lots of you are so interested in Dylem's weekend activities that I will open with that. This past weekend was the Antique Tractor Show in Eagleville and they have some activities for the kiddos. Dylem had planned (and trained!!) for the Pedal Tractor Pull and Pedal Tractor Race. Plans changed however when he learned you had to be 7 to do the Pedal Tractor Pull, so he raced! He won 3rd place and received a ribbon, of which he is very proud. He had asked if we could celebrate, so Ms. Norton from Norton Family Bakery at the Market donated some brownies and we make homemade ice cream when we got home from the market. How fun! Grandma Donna took him to get ice (for the ice cream) and while he was there they purchased party favors and party hats. Goodness much to do about a pedal tractor race, but I have to say it was fun to see him prepare for this event, complete it and see a reward/result at the end. All of that AND, I never really need an excuse to eat homemade ice cream and Ms. Norton's brownies!

The hoophouse construction is coming along! They expect to be finished by Monday, then we will work it up good, compost it all up, lay drip irrigation and fill them up with seeds and veggie transplants! Grow baby Grow!

On Friday, our good friend Kelley, helped us get into the hives to see what was going on and keeping the bees so crabby on the outside of the hives. A really good friend of mine, Nancy Edwards) had fixed me up with some extra bee supers, frames and foundation for the bees while the supplies I ordered arrived. She loves bees and really wanted these to be taken care of! (I tell you what, probably 6-7 years ago I met Nancy Edwards when I rented her certified kitchen to make jams and jellies. We have stayed in touch off and on through the years, but I suppose we are kindred spirits because I just love being around her and her family. Her farm is amazing and her spirit of generosity unsurpassed. They also grow some awesome strawberries and are putting in blueberries, so think Valley Home Farm in Wartrace next spring for lots of yummy berries for YOUR family!) So Kelley helps us get into the hives and we find all kinds of critters and such living in there that should not, so we help the bees clean house a bit. They were so appreciative! The worker bees continued to carry out little bits of junk and drop it out of the hive, other bees worked on the ground to carry that junk further away from the hive. The bees really do have it together and everyone has a job and does it from what I can tell. We were able to see little bees emerging from their cells! We put the extra foundation in, fed the bees some sugar water and from what we can tell they seem to be much more settled. I really thought I would be scared to open up a hive of bees, but I was not, I was in AWE! It is amazing and they are not out to get you, they just carry on with their business as long as you move slowly and wisely!

This next week only Jim will be on the farm, working too hard I am sure. If you email, please know it will probably be the first of next week before you get a response.

Thanks so very much and I hope you have a great week ahead!


Winter CSA
For those of you interested in learning more about the Winter CSA, information is currently available on our website. If you need more information, it will be September 21 before I will be back in town to respond. Winter CSA Info

On-line Farm Market Will NOT be open this week!

Franklin Farmers Market
The Franklin Farmers Market is now open on Saturdays at the Factory In Franklin from 8am until 1pm. Rocky Glade Farm will be there in booth number 9 this Saturday!

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You get 4 this week! See Dylem at the pedal tractor race and hoophouse photos. To see the photo of the week use this hotlink Photo of the Week

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