Hello Farm Friends,

This past week, Jim and two of his friends worked very hard on getting the endwall construction phase of the hoophouses complete. They worked hard knowing that just about every other day rain was in the forecast. After all was said and done they were successful at completing the construction as well as getting very muddy and very tired in the process. We are very thankful for the help. We could not have done it without them. A silver lining to their assistance is that it freed up my time to begin planting! So far two of the three are totally planted and growing yummy looking fall and winter veggies!

Anyone who works around our farm for any period of time just by default gets to know our two boys since both love to help so much! This past week, Tony learned what he termed "Caleb-ese", meaning he learned how to interpret our two year olds words to some degree of efficiency. Now when our boys are working with us across the road they really have free range. They know they can play on the rock pile, play in the sand, the storage shed or down by the tree line, so most of the time I know in general where they are, but I really don't "worry" about their exact location (you can normally keep up with their travels by sound!) One particularly muddy day Caleb came up to Tony and just looked at him and then began to walk around again. Then he came back up to Tony again but did not say anything. He finally came up to Tony and said "D-uck". Tony thought for a minute and then asked Caleb where was "D". Caleb this time said "D is uck". So Tony asked Caleb if "D was stuck"? Yes, came Caleb's reply and so Tony went to rescue D, who really was stuck deeply in the mud for however long it took Caleb to get up the courage to tell Tony he was "uck"!

Story has it that in the beginning Caleb was stuck and D only became stuck after rescuing Caleb, but knowing both of my boys I imagine they both got stuck at the same time enjoying the luxurious mud and puddles of a recent rain. Hey, that is what farm boys do!

Take care of each other and have a super week!

Winter CSA
Information about the Winter CSA is available on our website. Due to construction delays we will operate our winter CSA in two groups. The first group, which begins in November is FULL. We are currently taking verbal commitments for the second group, which will begin in January. Please see the website for more details. Winter CSA Info

On-line Farm Market Will be open this week! We will be taking orders for pickup on Tuesday, October 13 from 3-6 pm To order, please click Market Order Page
This will be our last week for on-farm pickup until later in the winter months if we have extra produce to sell.

Franklin Farmers Market
The Franklin Farmers Market is now open on Saturdays at the Factory In Franklin from 8am until 1pm. We will be at the market on October 17th. We will then take off the next two weeks from the market in order to prepare our farm land, animals and produce for the upcoming winter months.

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Photo of the Week
Most current pictures of the new hoops, crops and future herd bull
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Have a great week!


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