Hello Farm Friends,
Hmm, well it seems that in last newsletter's pictures I introduced you to our new herd bull. Just a few short weeks have passed since that notification, but I think I might have to rescind it! It seems the herd bull, you know the one with the Scottish blood, well it seems he is NUTS! I noticed that he kind of spooked when you walked into the field, but sometimes cows just do that, especially little ones who have no idea what a human is. However Jim confirmed the NUTS diagnosis when he tried to vaccinate the little guy last week. The calf simply went crazy. I mean in general all calves don't like to be that close to us when we work them, but for the most part they tolerate the working in a fairly calm manner. We as the humans stay calm and treat the animals with respect and patience and usually our observation and working of the animals goes ever so calmly. Not with this guy! You know sometimes it takes us a while to figure out things, but we are both thinking that if he is NUTS at 150 pounds, we don't want to see NUTS when he is close to a ton. Not on our farm. So we will go with our original plan of using a nice little bull out of one of our favorite, sweet little cows. Her name is Grady, and her son is NICE in looks and attitude. Around here attitude will get you a lot further down the road than looks, even Scottish looks!

Take care of each other and have a super week!

Winter CSA
If you are interested in signing up for our Winter CSA, we now have information posted on our website for our January start date. We are offering a shorter season beginning after the holidays for those of you who plan to travel over the holidays. If you plan to make healthy eating, or finding locally grown food a part of your New Year's Resolution, please consider our winter CSA which runs January-April 2010. Please see the website for more details. Winter CSA Info

On-line Farm Market Will be closed for the rest of the winter. Thank you so much for a great summer/fall season!

Franklin Farmers Market
The Franklin Farmers Winter Market will be open the first Saturday in November. Market hours will change to 9-12 for the remainder of the winter season (until May). Rocky Glade Farm plans to be there every other week during the winter months.

Farm Life Blog
Winter is a coming!
Farm Life Blog

Photo of the Week
See the boys, cows and fall colors!
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