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Hello Farm Friends,
T minus ten days and counting until Thanksgiving! I figure if I leave out at least one meal each day between now and the 26th that will allow me to eat all day long and still have room for the leftovers! Haha! Just kidding, my stomach surely hopes!

Seriously, Thanksgiving, it is coming up and soon. Hard times are all around and sometimes it seems cliché to say "We have so much to be thankful for". It is easy to see the pressures we all face and not the blessings, so for the past two years Dylem and I (this year Caleb gets to participate!) have made a Thankful Tree. It is a paper tree that we tape to the kitchen wall. Yes, I did say tape. Everything within me said NO TAPE on the walls, but when I looked around at how banged up everything else was or would be by the time these boys are grown, well what is a little tape going to hurt? Oh, yeah, the tree! Well, it is just a tree with branches and we cut out "leaves" for them and everyone gets to say or write what they are thankful for and we put it in the kitchen for all the world to see! This year Dylem, my animal lover has decided to add critters to our tree and of course a barn. What good is anything without a barn! So we sort of have this mix of taped up stuff on our kitchen wall that hopefully with the Lord's help allows us to get our hearts right, remember what good things we have in life. Celebrate the friends and family that make life bearable and in the process get our focus off of ourselves just in time for Christmas!

I love the Thankful Tree. I will probably always do one even when the boys are grown, just to remind myself of all the good things in my life, most of which I do not deserve and did nothing to bring them about.

Be blessed and THANKFUL this November 2009! An unexpected blessing for us starts this week as we open the ON-Line Market for the Winter! We have several beautiful types of lettuce ready, not to mention other yummy vegetables and herbs! To see what veggies are available for ordering, please see the On-line market info below!


p.s. The Delvins have much to be thankful for. Hank Sr. came out of the hip surgery well. He is again in much pain after the surgery, but it was a success with no major complications. Again, he is one step closer to a full recovery! Thank you for your prayers!

Winter CSA
If you are interested in signing up for our Winter CSA, we now have information posted on our website for our January start date. We are offering a shorter season beginning after the holidays for those of you who plan to travel over the holidays. If you plan to make healthy eating, or finding locally grown food a part of your New Year's Resolution, please consider our winter CSA which runs January-April 2010. Please see the website for more details. Winter CSA Info

On-line Farm Market
We are allowed to change our minds right? After getting everything completed construction wise and the first week of our winter CSA under our belt, we have decided to open the Farm Market during the winter months (as produce is available). We will be open every other week.
Orders will be taken Monday-Wednesday for orders that will be picked up here at the farm in Eagleville on Thursday from 2-6 pm. To see what is available this week, please visit On-Line Market Ordering Page

Franklin Farmers Market
The Winter Market is open! Hours are 9-12 each Saturday. Our plans are to be there every other week during the winter months.

Farm Life Blog
We all need a friend
Farm Life Blog

Photo of the Week
A much needed respite, pics of Jim and Dylem's get away.
To see the photo of the week use this hotlink Photo of the Week

Have a great week!


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