Eight Years

Hello Farm Friends,

Eight years. It seems long and short at the same time. On Tuesday, Jim and I will have been married for 8 years, which essentially means we have been farming here at the Glade for 8 years as well. Both the farm and our marriage have undergone many changes in that time span. When we moved here the Glade was a very overgrown and uncared for house and piece of land. With the help of friends and family we mowed grass, cut trees, fixed lots of fences, cleaned the house, pulled up carpet, painted everything in sight plain white, sowed grass and over time this has become "home". There was a time I seriously doubted it ever would. It was just too raw, needed too much work. It amazes me how comfortably I pass between gates and pastures now in the comings and goings on the farm each day. I know it like the back of my hand. In fact, as hard as I tried to picture beaches and beautiful waves of water while I was in labor with Dylem…all I could do was mentally "walk the pastures" of our farm here at the Glade imagining the different animals in their various places doing what they do throughout the day. Jim and I are blessed in the fact that before either of us thought about love, we simply really liked each other as friends. Milking cows three days a week at 3 AM will make friends out of you before you fall in love…I promise! Our marriage, like the farm has undergone many changes over the past eight years. We started out rough thinking that if the best times of your marriage come in the "honeymoon period" we were in trouble! There are many things that challenge us as a couple from our adventures in parenthood to the constant challenge of trying to keep everything managed here on the farm. We get tired. Life happens. Marriage is just a whole lot like a really run down piece of anything…with enough work you can make it "home", a place you want to stay, a place where you want to grow. It takes a whole lot of cutting down unrealistic expectations, painting and repainting the respect that you have for each other, and sowing lots of unconditional love and forgiveness. I really like the one little date on my calendar that reminds me how fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to say "I do" years ago. May God grant me the grace to work on my relationship with my best friend as much as He has granted me the ability to work with my best friend on the farm.

Market Update

This will be the last week for the market to take place in the regular space at the Factory in Franklin. By June 17, we will be out in the parking lot under temporary tents until the new facility is constructed. I will keep you updated as I get more information.

Turkey Story Update

Thanks for a great response to the "turkey story". I have had folks from as far away as Arkansas email to ask if her eggs hatched…well, four of them did and two little poults still survive today…pretty amazing for all that they have been through. I will try and keep up with their progress from my neighbor. Thanks for asking.

TVA Update

TVA was in the area last week to survey several pieces of land. They have actually had people call and offer their land for the substation so we are hopeful that our land will not be needed, but who knows with TVA? TVA at this point projects making a preferred route announcement at the end of this month.

Custom Freezer Pigs

We are now offering our custom freezer hogs for 2006. Our freezer hogs are available in wholes or halves. There are several benefits to buying a whole or half: You will save money…you get to choose how many cuts per package and customize your meat for your family…you get to choose the cuts you want to keep and the thickness of the cuts you choose. If you would like more information, please send me an email and I will be happy to pass on a more detailed information sheet.

Picture of the Week

In general I really like flowers, but also in general I forget and don't have time to water them, so I tend to just not plant them! This year simply because Dylem likes flowers so much we planted a few zinnas and sunflowers. Here is a picture of one of our lovely blooms. www.rockygladefarm.com/photos.php

Pickup Options

When placing an order, you have two pickup options. You can choose to pickup on the Farm on Thursday June 8 or at the Franklin Farmers' Market on June 10. To place an order for pickup at the farm, please visit our website and have your order in by Wednesday night at 8pm. Orders to be picked up at the Factory need to be in by Thursday evenings. Thanks!

How to order

Ordering is easy at www.rockygladefarm.com. By ordering online you can see pictures of what each type of produce looks like After you have chosen your items be sure to click on submit order! We will reply to all web orders so watch for an order confirmation in your inbox to confirm we received your order. We are taking orders to be picked up on the farm on Thursday June 8or Saturday June 10 at the Factory in Franklin.

To see what is available this week from Rocky Glade Farm click here www.rockygladefarm.com/market.php

Have a super week and we will see you soon!


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