Farm and Family Day April 24th

Hello Farm Friends,

You are invited to the 2010 Farm and Family Day at Rocky Glade Farm. Our Farm and Family Day will take place on Saturday April 24th from 1-5 pm. Come check out the hoophouses and garden, sheep and beef cattle herd. We will have some refreshments and a place for the kids to play. If you know you will be able to attend, please send us a quick email to help us get a rough idea of numbers to expect. This is a drop in event, so come when you want and leave when you have had enough. Comfortable clothes and shoes you don't mind getting dirt and other farm stuff on! Hope to see you on Saturday!

Last week the farm gained a new ball of fluff. His name is JoJo and he is adorable. He is currently in the sheep pasture with Ellie learning the ropes of being a guardian dog. Really there are only a few things to know about being a good guardian dog and most of those are bred into him naturally. However this past week JoJo had Rocky Glade Farm 101 getting used to our electric fences, learning how meals and water works around here and learning to move pastures when the sheep and Ellie move. JoJo has come a long way in a week. When we first brought him home we played with him a bit and then left him in Ellie's care. When we went back out to the pasture to check on him he was GONE. Uh-OH! We searched for the better part of an hour when finally I could hear him whining when the boys would call for him. He had found a cool patch of tall grass to nap in and apparently had been napping so deeply he did not hear us calling for him. JoJo is Caleb's puppy and Caleb could not love a dog more. So far the boys have really enjoyed having a new friend to play with. They take him into their cabin (aka playhouse) where apparently he chews on all of their make believe household goods. They take JoJo for romps and adventures and I can tell that JoJo loves being with the boys. He loves them and that is important for he will not only guard the livestock and the farm premises he will protect the boys as they travel our farmlands. Welcome JoJo, you a fun blessing for this farm family.

Rocky Glade Farm in the News
In case you missed the article on local food in the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal, here is a link DNJ Living Well Article The article (written by a new summer CSA member of ours) did a great job letting Rutherford County know about all of their fresh local food options this spring and summer.

Stones River Market, Murfreesboro fresh food option
We are proud to be members of the Stones River Market, a member of This is a great advancement for farmers allowing customers to become members of an "online" market, choosing products from many area farmers, but picking up their orders in one location, with one bill and your food all ready to go! Please visit . Stones River Market Locally Grown to see this week's list of available items. Orders can be placed Sunday-Tuesday (you get an email telling you the market is open after you sign up!) Delivery in Murfreesboro is in the downtown area around Cannonsburg/Hoopers Supply. For more information please visit the website and contact the market manager!

On-line Farm Market
The ONLINE FARM MARKET will be closed THIS week. You can purchase fresh produce at our Farm and Family Day on April 24th from 1-5 pm.

Franklin Farmers Market
The Franklin Farmers Market opens for the SUMMER on May 1st. That Saturday the hours will change to 8-1pm. Here comes summer!

Farm Life Blog
Farm Life Blog

Photo of the Week
JoJo and growing tomatoes
To see the photo of the week use this hotlink Photo of the Week

Have a great week!


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