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Hello Farm Friends,

Last week we tried something new. Last Tuesday we attended the Franklin Farmers Market Tuesday edition. Dylem once again LOVES going to the market because Tuesday's are much more quiet and we get to "visit" with our neighbor farmers instead of everyone being so busy selling stuff. Now you might have figured out that the whole reason we attend farmers markets is so we can sell stuff, but I understand what he is saying about the slower pace and more quiet atmosphere. So, if you are looking for the best kept Farmers Market secret in the area it would be the Tuesday Franklin Farmers Market which takes place behind the Factory (same location as the Saturday market) from 3-6:30 each Tuesday this summer. The great thing about it is that you can find almost all of your staple items at the Tuesday market like milk, meat, veggies, fruit, baked goods and even kettle corn! So if you are looking for some fresh mid week ingredients to feed your family OR if Saturday is way too packed (your schedule and the market) then please give Tuesdays a try. Like Dylem I think you will enjoy the more laid back atmosphere.

This past week I cannot even begin to tell you what we accomplished and probably neither can the three helpers we have around here. It seemed like we covered the farm top to bottom and then some. The good news is that everything is almost in summertime shape, meaning everything is bush-hogged or cut for hay, rows are weeded and ready for the full-on harvest season ahead, etc. There comes a time in the summer when all we do is harvest, harvest, harvest and little time is available for keeping things cleaned up. That is why we like to start as clean as possible while time allows. We also harvested ALL the garlic. You will have to take a look at the photos. I think we have garlic stuck in every nook and cranny around the farm. The harsh winter, followed by hot early spring, then the floods, then hot again has not been the most kind to the garlic and so our bulbs are smaller than normal, but still have that great mild flavor that lends itself so well to any type of cooking you might do.

We also decided to say goodbye this past week. We had been hanging on to two plots of old hoophouse ground destroyed by the tornado. I just could not bring myself to give up that good dirt. It was so PERFECT (yeah I know perfect dirt, but really if dirt can be perfect this was IT). However the weeds finally convinced me that it would take more effort to keep my dirt than it was worth, so the final crops will be pulled off this excellent dirt this week and then it will be worked up and turned into an orchard. No more crops for this lovely piece of ground, but perhaps it will grow some great apples, peaches and asparagus in the future!

Have a great week and try to stay cool. It is June right? Haha!

Stones River Market, Murfreesboro fresh food option
We are proud to be members of the Stones River Market, a member of locallygrown.net. This is a great advancement for farmers allowing customers to become members of an "online" market, choosing products from many area farmers, but picking up their orders in one location, with one bill and your food all ready to go! Please visit . Stones River Market Locally Grown to see this week's list of available items. Orders can be placed Sunday-Tuesday (you get an email telling you the market is open after you sign up!) Delivery in Murfreesboro is in the downtown area around Cannonsburg/Hoopers Supply. For more information please visit the website and contact the market manager!

Tuesday Night On-Farm Market
The Online Market will be open this THURSDAY from 3-6pm. Please visit the market page to see what is available. Market Page This week we begin our normal summer hours of Thursday from 3-6 pm. Please have your orders in by Tuesday PM. Thanks so much!

Franklin Farmers Market
The Franklin Farmers Market is open for the SUMMER season. Hours of operation are 8-1 each Saturday.

The Franklin Farmers Market is also open on Tuesday afternoons from 3-6:30. Tuesday is an excellent opportunity to get some mid week veggies OR just miss the crowds on Saturday.

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Garlic everywhere!
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It's garlic time!
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