Crazy June

Hello Farm Friends,
And so we bid farewell to June this week! WOW! Was that fast or is it just me? June for us is a busy month with a wedding anniversary (what was I thinking marrying a farmer in June???), and the celebration of our son's birthday as well. Around our farm you just know that June and July are two months to just keep your head down and keep working through them…but this June has been filled with so many other little "life" things that it has been hard to keep our heads from spinning! And so sit back for a chuckle through our lives in the month of June 2006! Around the first of the month the farm was busy with the whole family putting up hay for the season. One particular Saturday, Jim had informed me that he would come straight home from the market and go help his dad in the hayfield. OK…no biggie! We are always BOTH pooped after harvesting Thursday and Friday and then selling at the market on Saturday mornings, but sometimes you do have to suck it up and "make hay while the sun shines". He actually called me on the cell phone from the field to tell me that he would be in around 4-4:30 because his dad was almost finished…we would just do chores and have an early evening of it. (WARNING: whenever your farmer husband tells you he will be in early, go ahead and light the candles and just put his supper on the back burner…because there is NO way he will be in early!!) Jim ended up inside the round baler trying to straighten out whatever the problem was with the baler. After cutting hay it is time to bush-hog the stray grass around the farm that has gotten too seedy for the cattle to enjoy…so this is the project that Jim undertook to do in the starts and spurts he had available between his part time job as a milk tester. One Friday afternoon (a Friday afternoon after picking 800 feet of green beans, as well as ALL of the other vegetables mind you), Jim tells me that if I will go pickup Dylem from Grandma's he will bush-hog this one little sheep pasture and knock it down so that we can turn them in that evening. I get to Grandma's, and am putting my son in the car seat when Jim calls on the cell phone saying he has a hole in the rear tire on the tractor and is going to air it up and try to make it to the Farmer's Co-op. I am to come home and follow him there in the truck. Fortunately we live only a few miles from the Co-op, so I wasn't worried…until I got home. Jim was airing up the rear tire and water was squirting out of the tire in a very steady stream! (They put water in the tires to give them more weight) "Not to worry", Jim told me…"it will get better once we get going." Hazards on, Dylem and I follow Jim to the Co-op…the longest 5-7 miles of my life…the tire was going down pretty dog-gone fast and I couldn't really see that it was getting better…besides that…every time the tire rotated a large shot of water would flip out like water from a lawn sprinkler. All is well that ends well and we DID make it to the Co-op and the tire was fixed…but the stress level remained high. So we move on to the next week when we are moving a bunch of cattle. We had the trailer hooked up and thought we would move an orphan calf from one side of the road to our house so that we could take better care of him. We loaded the calf and put him in the fence at our house, but left the big gate open…we were coming RIGHT back! We turned around and saw that the little calf had jumped out of his pen and was headed for the road. I took off on foot after the feller and Jim fastened D in the truck and followed with the cattle trailer. It was a very fast calf and I was not gaining any ground on him…especially after our neighbors dogs took off after him. I kept on running after him and a truck pulled up beside me asking if we needed help. Lo and behold it was a couple of CUSTOMERS! They later told me that they saw me running and one of them said…"Look, there is the farm lady out for a jog", the other one replied "She doesn't look like she is dressed for running"!! Can you imagine the embarrassment and the relief to see them?!! We chased the calf from one road to another, through bushes and people's yards that had signs that read "HONK, do not get out of your car, not responsible for bodily damage", with a picture of a dog with a human arm in its mouth (yes, if you are wondering it is terribly comforting to be chasing a calf through places like that on FOOT!). The highlight of the day for Dylem was that his Daddy hunted so far back in the woods for the calf that he jumped up a deer and it ran across the road much to Dylem's delight. At one point Jim and I were on cell phones just trying to find each other. (ring ring…you just passed me. Ring ring…I don't know where I am, but here is a fence…I will call you when I see a way out!) The calf is still out there. We never found him. Apparently anyone we talked to still hasn't seen him either. So, goodbye June, I really am not sorry to see you go, but I am nervous to know what July holds! Haha! Have a super week, a calm week perhaps!

Market Update
So how did you like the BIG TOP? It was good to be outside and we are so thankful that the weather cooperated while we were there for a couple of weeks. This week we are BACK INSIDE the MARKETPLACE (our original building). They have begun construction on the new open air pavilion for the market. After this week I am not sure where we are supposed to be until the new facility is completed…but we will keep you updated!

Picture of the Week
Jim and Dylem are out on an early Sunday morning pasture walk. Usually each Sunday morning we take our time doing chores and get a plan for the week on the cattle and sheep pasture rotation. Dylem loves to romp around the farm and see all of the cows, birds, BUGS and flowers in the pastures. It is one of our favorite times of the week too…when we actually slow down long enough to enjoy the farm scenery a bit. To see this week's picture of the week, please follow the following link.

Pickup Options
When placing an order, you have two pickup options. You can choose to pickup on the Farm on Thursday June 29 or at the Franklin Farmers' Market on July 1st. To place an order for pickup at the farm, please visit our website and have your order in by Wednesday night at 8pm. Orders to be picked up at the Factory need to be in by Thursday evenings. Thanks!

How to order
Ordering is easy at By ordering online you can see pictures of what each type of produce looks like After you have chosen your items be sure to click on submit order! We will reply to all web orders so watch for an order confirmation in your inbox to confirm we received your order. We are taking orders to be picked up on the farm on Thursday June 29th or Saturday July 1st at the Factory in Franklin.

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Have a super week and we will see you soon!

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