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Hello Farm Friends,

It's the little things around here that make life grand and sometimes just plain make the day not a complete loss. This past week was Tim's last day on the farm. He has been with us since he was 13 and this fall he begins classes at MTSU. To say he has grown up a little big would be a HUGE understatement. He is quite the man now in all kinds of ways and it is just a pleasure to see him become his own person. We hope to have him back on the farm from time to time. As we told him when he left "you are always welcome here anytime", and we mean that!

I hate to see Tim go because he always has a smile on his face and always chooses to see the best in everything and always can turn something "sticky" into something funny that breaks the tension for everyone. I love his enthusiasm! This past Friday we were taking a water break and hear a fairly big commotion. I was looking up thinking it was a bird. Kels was looking up thinking it was a squirrel when out pops Motor the cat with a baby rodent about a third her size. Tim was immediately jazzed about Motor's ability and promptly said "I want a cat!"

So many good memories around here! Best of luck to you Tim as you begin MTSU and to you too Kels as you start your final year at MTSU. We are blessed to have you both in our lives!

This past week we played farm animal switcheroo. Taking the bull out of the cow herd for the winter, getting sheep to new pasture and turning our cows on the back paddocks for their final grazing of the clover fields before we bushhog the grass to prepare the fields to stockpile grass pasture. Stockpiling for those of you who might not be familiar is like making hay without the tractor and equipment. Basically you mow the grass to generate new growth and then let it continue growing until it gets cold and growth slows down. Then we piece the pasture out to the cattle daily, so that they get a bit of new pasture along with free choice hay. Just in case you are wondering which they prefer? They will totally clean up their paddock of fresh stockpiled grass before they will even touch the round bales of hay!

This week the On-Farm Market reopens. Thanks for your patience there!

Thanks also to all of our 2010 Summer CSA customers. It was a pleasure growing for you. We sure hope you enjoyed your ten weeks of summer veggies!

DON"T FORGET about the Tuesday Franklin Farmers Market from 3-6:30. There are lots of great farms with lots of good food, breads, jams, berries, milk, meat and veggies. The bonus feature is there is plenty of parking (close)!

Have a great week and try to stay cool

Stones River Market, Murfreesboro fresh food option
We are proud to be members of the Stones River Market, a member of This is a great advancement for farmers allowing customers to become members of an "online" market, choosing products from many area farmers, but picking up their orders in one location, with one bill and your food all ready to go! Please visit . Stones River Market Locally Grown to see this week's list of available items. Orders can be placed Sunday-Tuesday (you get an email telling you the market is open after you sign up!) Delivery in Murfreesboro is in the downtown area around Cannonsburg/Hoopers Supply. For more information please visit the website and contact the market manager!

Order ON-LINE pickup on the Farm on Thursday nights 3:00-6:30
The Online Market is OPEN this week! Check out what is available from the Market Page

Franklin Farmers Market
The Franklin Farmers Market is open for the SUMMER season. Hours of operation are 8-1 each Saturday.

The Franklin Farmers Market is also open on Tuesday afternoons from 3-6:30. Tuesday is an excellent opportunity to get some mid week veggies OR just miss the crowds on Saturday.

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Meet the newest member of the farm family, Betty!
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