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Hello Farm Friends,

It appears we have a NEW CAT, but I have never seen it. Apparently it is a scaredy cat and disappears anytime it sees anything human, but it LOVES the animals. Jim first saw the new cat laying next to the sheep before the blur of grey ran away. Then he later spotted it hanging out outside the barn with the sheep, relaxing with the cows another time and this morning heard Trouble growl as the new cat decided it would hop on the feed storage freezer for breakfast at the same time Trouble was dining. So it appears it is an animal loving cat and if that is the case it has come to the right farm.

Caleb wants to name the new cat, "NEW CAT, NEW CAT", apparently in keeping with his affection for all things new. We did a little tax free shopping and bought him a pair of very simple athletic type pants with stripes down the sides, they cost us about 3 dollars and he adores them (probably should have gotten more on sale huh?) So those are his "new pants" and he wants to wear them all the time. He is apparently enthralled with all things new and I suppose since he is going through a growth spurt I get it because he has "new shoes" (that I bought last year on sale), "new barn shoes" (dylem's hand me downs), "new barn boots" (these are for real new) and most importantly, "new underwear" (Dylem's hand me downs, but he is proud of them, thank goodness CARS has stayed popular for three years!)

We also have a new baby named Betty and she is so pretty and red with one speck of white on the tip of her tail. She is doing well and growing on that good Jersey milk.

The thing I am most thankful for is the "new weather" we have been having. What a joy to go outside in the morning and it actually feel COOL. Amen!

So what is up with the farm? Well, we are in transition again and as the seasons change we are taking a break from marketing and will be focusing on getting summer things tucked away and preparations made for fall and winter. We will also take a bit of time for our family to regroup and get into a school routine.

This Tuesday will be our last day at the Franklin Market for a while. It will probably be the middle of September before we are back seeing as it is a family must to attend the Eagleville Antique Tractor Show and let Dylem pedal tractor race and pull! We will also take a break from Stones River Market for the week of September 6th for sure, maybe the week of the 13th as well, but we will let you know.

Please know that while we are "out of pocket" we are working hard to get the good fall crops in the ground and growing so we can supply you this fall and winter. Thanks for your understanding!

Have a great week and try to stay cool

Stones River Market, Murfreesboro fresh food option
We are proud to be members of the Stones River Market, a member of This is a great advancement for farmers allowing customers to become members of an "online" market, choosing products from many area farmers, but picking up their orders in one location, with one bill and your food all ready to go! Please visit . Stones River Market Locally Grown to see this week's list of available items. Orders can be placed Sunday-Tuesday (you get an email telling you the market is open after you sign up!) Delivery in Murfreesboro is in the downtown area around Cannonsburg/Hoopers Supply. For more information please visit the website and contact the market manager!

Order ON-LINE pickup on the Farm on Thursday nights 3:00-6:30
The Online Market will be closed until the middle of September. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Franklin Farmers Market
The Franklin Farmers Market is open for the SUMMER season. Hours of operation are 8-1 each Saturday.

The Franklin Farmers Market is also open on Tuesday afternoons from 3-6:30. Tuesday is an excellent opportunity to get some mid week veggies OR just miss the crowds on Saturday.

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Meet the newest member of the farm family, Betty!
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Have a great week!


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