Happy Valentine's Day

Hello Farm Friends,

Well, it is officially February now. Officially winter and well, I am officially ready for Spring. Capital R. Capital S. This happens to me just about every year. I think in my ideal world fall would be in November, winter in December and by January we would begin springlike weather. That leaves an awful lot of summer doesn't it? Oh well, there are worse things in life!

Lots of things have happened on the farm since the New Year. Thomas, a jersey bull was born to Tipper. Yes, Thomas, like Thomas the Train. Since our children have been able to speak most of the animal names have been from whatever the kids were infatuated with at the time. This time it was Thomas. However the name fits him perfectly. He is cheeky and a very useful little calf engine. He cracks us up as he goes on his daily sprints or branch line if you wish. He runs around the entire farm lap after lap stirring up the sheep, causing his mother to panic as she thinks something is trying to get him. He is a mess. Tipper doesn't really know it, but she is VERY glad this one was born in a barn where he could run around and play and not be cooped up in the house like my little critters are these days. Multiple cold winter days and boys--two things that do not go well together!

Summer CSA 2011
Our Summer CSA is ready to offer to each of you for this 2011 season. Our Simply Summer CSA begins at the first of June and continues weekly for 10 weeks, wrapping up at the first of August. Perfect for those of you with school schedules to plan around. We have three pickup locations: Farm in Eagleville, Stones River Market in Mboro, and Franklin. If you would like more information please visit Summer CSA To sign up simply send us an email and we will reserve a place for you.

Grass-fed Beef
All of our beef for 2011 is spoken for. We thank you for your interest and continued support as we try to continue to produce the best beef possible.

The Franklin Farmers' Market is still going strong this winter. Hours are 9-12 each Saturday at the Factory in Franklin just off Liberty Pike.

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Happy Valentine's Day! Hug your sweetie(s)!

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