Rocky Glade Farm News for April 2011

Hello Farm Friends,

No FOOLIN'. I really am sending out a newsletter. Yes, you are correct it was February the last time I wrote. I apologize, but WOW has it been busy around here! It seems like the good spurts of weather have us scrambling to get everything finished from the winter months, ready for the fast approaching spring and planned out for the coming summer!

Since I last wrote we finished up the work on our house. We are so happy to have a real live office! We hosted a group of about 50 TOGA (Tennessee Organic Growers Association)members at the end of March. It was a yucky day weather wise, but the group was cheerful and we enjoyed it very much.

Lambs started coming about the second week of March and just finished up this past week. We started off slowly with the first ewe having only one baby, then a few sets of twins, then triplets and capped it all off with a set of quads! We normally don't like for them to have more than 2. Three is OK, but 4--well we prefer NOT! However, it was MY ewe (my brown ewe, as you might recall Jim prefers ALL white) who had the quads and they are all doing great. She is kind to them and patient and just a super momma. AND they are all white! What went wrong here? Oh well, I am just super thankful that we have 3 girls out of her for the future flock!

You can't have spring with out planting and boy have we been busy at it! Between the hoophouses and outdoor cold weather crops it seems we plant something every day! Funny, but the little seed starting greenhouse seems to stay FULL no matter what we plant. Kels is doing a great job keeping those seedlings coming!

Lots of great pictures to check out this month. We hope you enjoy seeing what is going on around here via the web. If you would like to check out our farm in person then April 23rd is your DAY! We will host our annual Farm and Family Day at Rocky Glade on April 23rd from 10 am-4pm. Hopefully the weather will be nice! If all goes well you can expect to get a close up view of our hoophouses, walk around the farm and check out the sheep flock and beef cattle herd. This is our way of saying Thank YOU for supporting us and believing in us and your chance to make sure we are who we say we are! We really do grow EVERYTHING we bring to the market, put in your CSA boxes and freezers!
Farm and Family Day will take place across the road from our house, where the Big Red Barn and hoophouses are. Simply park along the fence and ENJOY! Light refreshments will be served. We hope you can make it!

The Franklin Farmers' Market is still going strong this winter. Hours are 9-12 each Saturday at the Factory in Franklin just off Liberty Pike.

If you would like to get location specific produce updates just go to Rocky Glade Farm Homepage and look on the left hand side of the page. You can sign up for specific market information for Franklin, Murfreesboro, and right here on the Farm in Eagleville.

Our farm market is open for the spring season. To order please visit Rocky Glade Farm ONLINE Market
Orders are taken Sunday through Wednesday and picked up here at the farm on Thursday afternoons.

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Farm Life Blog

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Little Lambs, lots of plants and MORE!
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