Happy Hot June!

Hello Farm Friends!

I had such good intentions of getting a May newsletter out, but well here it is almost the middle of June, so we will just make the best of it! In looking back at my notes for the May newsletter I was going to tell you about some of the planting delays we had due to it being too wet to plant. I really had to laugh, because we are going on 3 weeks of no rain here on the farm and not a very good chance of rain in sight. We do need the rain quite badly. We have begun to irrigate almost all of our crops, very early for that, but a necessity this year. So far, God has been gracious and things continue to live and grow despite my worries about them. I am sure there is a very deep lesson to be learned there!

We have begun the great garlic harvest and have Lorz, Shilla and Chet's Artichoke available right now. Hopefully if we can get the ground to soften up a bit we will have the German White and Inchelium Red coming your way soon. I just love to see the big garlic cloves this time of year. Amazing that something you plant that is the size of a peanut in October becomes a beautiful full bulb of garlic by June!

Seven years ago this coming week Jim and I welcomed our first born baby boy into the world. Since Dylem can do a bit of basic math this year's birthday has been counted down for a while now. Happy Birthday to Dylem! the big 7! And thanks to the many of you, who are patient with him at the market as he learns to count money and be a good salesman. We appreciate your kindness and your affirmative words to him as he learns and grows!

Well, if all goes well this week we will plant pumpkins and a wide assortment of winter squash. Seems a bit hot to think of anything "wintery" but did you know it takes from 80-100 days to grow a winter squash to maturity. It is one of the longest maturing crops we grow and there are oh so many things that would like to eat it along the way!

This past week Kels and I harvested 6 supers of honey! Yippee! It looks beautiful! Hopefully the honey will be available at the market next Saturday and the following Tuesday. It has to "settle" a bit to get all the air bubbles out. Check out this week's pictures for a bit of Honey 101!

Thank you again for supporting our family farm. We know it is not easy to make it to markets each week and so we thank you for your sacrifice and support. We will continue to grow the best food we possibly can for your family. As always, you can be sure that 100% of the produce you find on our tables is grown by US, and only us. That is our commitment to you, to grow the best we can and only sell what we can grow.

Have a wonderful rest of June, may we get some rain and may you all have some wonderful summer memories in the making this year.

The Franklin Farmers Market is now open 8-1 on Saturdays at the Factory in Franklin. ON Tuesdays the Franklin Market takes place off of McEwen Drive from 3-6:30 in the Whole Foods parking lot. You can also order from our farm via Stones River Market and pickup in Mboro. And of course you can come to the farm for some fresh goodness!

Our farm market is open for the spring season. To order please visit Rocky Glade Farm ONLINE Market
Orders are taken Sunday through Tuesday and picked up here at the farm on Thursday afternoons.

If you would like to get location specific produce updates just go to Rocky Glade Farm Homepage and look on the left hand side of the page. You can sign up for specific market information for Franklin, Murfreesboro, and right here on the Farm in Eagleville.

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