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Hello Farm Friends!
Happy July and it goes without saying it is hot, but that is what July was created for right?

So what goes into getting ready for the market? I recently watched a documentary sort of video on the computer of another farm in Minnesota getting ready for their market. There were some similarities (the getting up and getting the truck loaded at 4am on market days) and there were some differences (they were WAY more laid back than I am about getting everything ready! They had gourmet meals on harvest days, one farmer even shelled peas for his dinner. Now nothing against peas or shelling, but on harvest day before the market? We do actually eat pretty good here on the farm in the summer, but that comes from MEGA cooking on slower days and Sundays. All my crew can say is thank goodness Tupperware makes the MEGA bowls to store the food in! It is fun to cook what we grow and try new things so we can pass on cooking tips to you,our greatest customers!

Back to getting ready for the market! We have a treat for you photo wise this month as we have taken a few pics during the day before our biggest market at the Franklin Farmers Market on Saturdays. You will get a look at who does what, how sweaty we are, but most importantly how BEAUTIFUL the veggies are! We take great care and pride helping our produce look its best for YOU and your family!

We actually never stop getting ready for the market, our lives during the summer seem to revolve from one CSA to the next, one market to another, one order to the next. You have all kinds of crops through the summer, potatoes to harvest one time and other things like tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and beans that are picked on an every other day rotation. Picking like this keeps our produce at its best, small, tasty, perfectly ripe and ready! I like to think of our Thursdays and Fridays around here like a hive of bees, a nice hive, not the mean kind! Everyone knows their job, does it well and at some point we all get to return to the hive for some rest.

Getting ready for markets is a huge undertaking, all the gathering, picking, washing, scrubbing, packing, cooling, wiping down, bagging up, filling and stacking, but the payoff comes when our lovely customers just stand in front of the booth and breathe in deeply and say how pretty everything is (and of course buy something!) Truly, the produce is beautiful, something ONLY God could do, something only a farmer could love at times, but good in all ways!

In addition, you get to join Jim on his Sunday morning romp to move the cows to a fresh paddock of Sudex (Sorghum sudan grass). During the summer we grow this luscious tropical grass because it is tolerant of drought, full of water and oh so tasty for the cows. They get let in and out of paddocks as they finish giving what they have just consumed time to regrow. This is the best part about raising beef the grass-fed way, watching them get turned on to new pastures!
All is well here on the farm. If you wonder what we are doing just know we are picking something, weeding, at a market, eating or sleeping. It is indeed July and we are BUSY! But that is a good thing! Enjoy the pictures this month!


The Franklin Farmers Market is now open 8-1 on Saturdays at the Factory in Franklin. ON Tuesdays the Franklin Market takes place off of McEwen Drive from 3-6:30 in the Whole Foods parking lot. You can also order from our farm via Stones River Market and pickup in Mboro. And of course you can come to the farm for some fresh goodness!

Our farm market is open for the spring season. To order please visit Rocky Glade Farm ONLINE Market
Orders are taken Sunday through Tuesday and picked up here at the farm on Thursday afternoons.

If you would like to get location specific produce updates just go to Rocky Glade Farm Homepage and look on the left hand side of the page. You can sign up for specific market information for Franklin, Murfreesboro, and right here on the Farm in Eagleville.

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