Here's August!

Hello Farm Friends!

Welcome to August and a big THANK YOU for the rain!
Wow, we really needed that rain. I simply cannot imagine what the folks in Texas and Oklahoma are going through. I can remember 2007. I had a newborn to help keep my mind off the horrible drought we were in, but even his cries did not muffle the cries of our sheep and cattle for fresh grass and relief from the heat. It was amazingly hot that summer and it never let up. We simply just quit trying to grow anything and Jim went off the farm for more work. I can remember looking to the skies for any sign of rain and truly day after day you begin to wonder if the skies have forgotten how to give rain. So I pray for my fellow Americans in states of drought. We should all pray, the ability to grow enough food for our nation is an amazing miracle!

What do we do in August? It is a very complex set of things all going on at once. We continue our harvest and delivery schedules each week along with planting fall crops with an eye to cooler weather even though you can't feel it in the air just yet. We start seeds for even colder crops, which really throws you off as you plant seeds for something that won't mature until the ground is frozen outside all with enough sweat dripping off your forehead to water the seed in well! Jim likes to think of August as a time of outdoor house cleaning. He likes to say he is reclaiming the farm, mostly from the weeds and such. This past week we ripped out lots of hoophouse tomatoes and cucumbers that have been in there since March! Jim is bushhogging as we speak trying to discourage "critters" from taking up residence along the sides of our hoophouses this fall and winter. We spotted our "pet" snake the other day. I think he is a garter snake and he just calmly moves between the hoophouses looking for a cool spot and perhaps some type of tasty meal. I think he was loving the HUGE cucumber plants and I am a little freaked out that I pick those 4 days a week and never saw him. I am not scared of him, but you know, don't really like surprises either, especially snaky ones. We try to put up as much food as we can for the winter months in August as well, which is a huge challenge to find the time. A long time ago I read a book about small batch canning and decided that with a farm and two little guys this was my best bet. I simply don't have a day to devote to preserving, so we do a little at a time. It works for us and the pantry eventually gets full! This month I have shared a few pictures of our canning adventures!

All in all we are all well! We have enjoyed working with Chef Stephen of Amerigo restaurant as he helps promote local food with his monthly Farmers' Market Dinner and weekly Farmers Market lunch plate. Being a farmer, there is something very rewarding about talking to or walking through your crops with someone who knows how to cook really well. We once had a chef visit our farm and I could just see the recipes and dishes crossing his mind as he roamed the aisles in the hoops! It was a great experience for me!

School is about to begin and I am very excited. We have so much to learn and experience this year. I hope I can pass on just a bit of my excitement to the boys! Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful new school year whatever your role in that may be!

That is about all I know! We hope you will attend the September 8th, first ever NIGHT MARKET at the Franklin Farmers Market at the Factory. It begins at 6:00 pm and should be fun! Bring the citronella!

Have a wonderful August and enjoy the pictures!

The Franklin Farmers Market is now open 8-1 on Saturdays at the Factory in Franklin. ON Tuesdays the Franklin Market takes place off of McEwen Drive from 3-6:30 in the Whole Foods parking lot. You can also order from our farm via Stones River Market and pickup in Mboro. And of course you can come to the farm for some fresh goodness!

Our farm market is open for the summer season. To order please visit Rocky Glade Farm ONLINE Market
Orders are taken Sunday through Tuesday and picked up here at the farm on Thursday afternoons.

If you would like to get location specific produce updates just go to Rocky Glade Farm Homepage and look on the left hand side of the page. You can sign up for specific market information for Franklin, Murfreesboro, and right here on the Farm in Eagleville.

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Photo of the Week
What do the Vaughns do in August? Much the same that we have been doing since May, plant and harvest, harvest and plant! However, we do a few other things around here and most of the time we forget the camera. This month I will let you in on the little seen inside the house world of the Vaughn family.
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