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Hello Farm Friends!

September is almost over! Sorry for the delay in getting the newsletter out, but it has just been that busy around here! Most of you know that we have taken the month of September off from the Franklin Market in order to reclaim another day of work here on the farm! So far so good, we have been hard at it and feel like we are at least on schedule. As long as the weather cooperates these next two weeks we should get just about everything done that we need to have finished up before the first frost visits us!

Fall is a time to clean up, and Jim has been busy bushhogging, working up ground from summer crops and planting them in winter hardy cover crops to protect the soil. He has also been busy working up ground and making beds for our fall outdoor crops and over wintering crops like garlic and lavender. We have started lots and lots of plants and finally seated most of them in their new homes in the hoophouses where they will hopefully grow and produce and be seen at a farmers market near you!

Fall is also a time to gather things up and preserve them somehow for winter use. The boys and I have made a few batches of canned goods like applesauce, apple butter, apple maple jam, and canned peaches for cobbler. We purchased a dehydrator this summer thanks to the encouragement of the Bauer family and have dried some wonderful peach and apple snacks, lots and lots of dried herbs, onions and peppers. This drying thing gets a bit addictive as you try to see just what all will dry (and guess what it will look like without water in it! Ha!)

We did a few fun things as well, like the Antique Tractor Show in Eagleville, which is a yearly tradition for us! We also went to a farmers market just for fun. We saw several farmers we knew and it was fun to be on the "other side" of the table for a change! Made me think about how delicate the balance is between a vendor being friendly and pushy! We also started school which is always a bit tricky going from the all out days of summer into some sort of routine. We are enjoying it though and I want to thank each and everyone of you who have purchase things from Dylem and therefore tutored him in Math this summer. It is AMAZING the difference between where he finished up last year and where he began 2nd grade math wise! It is all due to you sweet folks being patient with him and encouraging him and giving him confidence. He will be back at the market in October with his pumpkins, ready for another math lesson!

September is almost over and I truly am a bit sad. The weather this month has been just about lovely! These fall days are wonderful. God has been good and we have received rain and sunshine and the crops, pastures and trees are just beautiful right now.

We will be back at the Franklin Farmers Market on October 8th and should be regular from that Saturday on through the winter months. We appreciate your understanding as we took some time away in order to get the farm in order for winter!

The Franklin Farmers Market is now open 8-1 on Saturdays at the Factory in Franklin. Beginning sometime in November the market hours will change to winter hours from 9-12, please check the market website at for the date those times go into effect.
Our farm market will open for the fall/winter season at the end of October. I will send out an email when I have a firm date!

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