November 2011 News--Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Farm Friends!

So glad I have a few minutes to update you. I know many of you have been worried about us. I myself was quite worried when I saw that the last time I sent out the "monthly" newsletter was September! Goodness!

Well, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hard to believe it is already the holiday season and 2011 is just about all wrapped up. The years seem to speed by faster and faster. I need to know if this continues to increase with age so I can be prepared for the future!

We have had so much fun and worked so hard this fall. Truly our lives have been wrapped up, in and around the farm but in such a great way. School began for our family and is going well. We decided to take school outdoors and do a little nature study one day. The boys LOVED this as you might imagine. We looked at all kinds of things and took samples back home to research what they were, how they grew etc. Surprisingly the boys have been smitten by a volunteer crab apple tree. They harvested off a few crabapples while we harvested greens one day and ever since that day they have wanted to be crab apple kings! We decided to harvest enough crabapples to make crabapple pie. That seemed to be what Caleb wanted to do the most with them and the easiest on me. So we picked bags of crabapples in various assortments of positions (Caleb on my shoulders, D standing on my back while I was on all 4's, me pulling down branches for both boys etc). We laughed so hard that I am sure the man fixing our tractor thought we were NUTS and in a way we were. I mean who picks crabapples to make a pie? But we had fun, we made our pie (cut with sweet apples, but don't tell!) and we learned a whole lot about the crabapple tree.

Our fall crops have been amazing. We have harvested LOTS of broccoli off our plants. I keep telling Jim week after week "there really isn't anything there this week". He told me the other day that he has quit listening to me because the crops are making a liar out of me. We have all kinds of side shoots on the broccoli, some that are as big as the main heads. In case you are wondering what I call that-it would be a miracle, blessings, something I cannot explain based on my past experiences. All I know to do is just enjoy the bounty, make lots of broccoli casseroles and soup and tell God thank you very, very often!

We have a new helper here on the farm. His name is Brian Ader, a student at MTSU who is working here as well as doing a research project on the growing differences between indoor hoophouse crops and outdoor mini hoop crops. So far the outside hoops are really surprising us! Brian is a good worker, one who loves nature and spends his summers swinging through trees in the Gatlinburg area. If for no other reason I respect him for that. I would not swing from trees no matter how many safety ropes were attached to my body!

The hoophouse crops are doing great! It is so amazing to me that food can be this beautiful! During the summer months the hoops are fully planted in tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and cantaloupe, which are pretty in their own right, but well it is all pretty GREEN and TALL or VINEY. The winter crops are in neat little rows, colorful and different heights. When you look in there it makes you just wonder what is for supper!

Kels, our dear sweet helper has ventured out west until Feburary (we hope!). Brian helps two days a week and the rest is up to the boys, Jim and myself. It takes great discipline to get everything done and thankfully Jim is a master at planning our days. The thing I have been most surprised at this fall is how much we have all enjoyed working together. We ALWAYS work together, but we don't always enjoy it, but this fall the boys have wanted to help and are at an age where they can really HELP and life is good.

We thank you for your support of our family farm. Without you, well we would have a LOT of kale to eat! Seriously though our farm is a life of its own and YOU are an integral part of the cycle. Without folks who care about where their food comes from and care enough to make a special effort to locate and pickup that food there would be no Rocky Glade Farm. So we say Happy Thanksgiving to you all with grateful hearts here at Rocky Glade Farm. For you, for this farm, for this life God has given us we are truly thankful. May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving season that lasts far into 2012!

The Franklin Farmers Market is now open for the WINTER MARKET. Winter hours are 9-12 on Saturdays at the Factory in Franklin. We plan to be there each week this winter. To place a pre-order for pickup on Saturdays please visit On-line Market Page and choose Saturday Franklin Market as your pickup choice.

We are also open each week here on the farm. Orders are taken Saturday-Tuesday at On-line Market Page. You can place your order online, then pickup here at the farm on Thursdays from 3-6 pm.

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